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Petals & Sugar is owned and operated by Leslie Doerfler, a one-woman show, from website down to confections, she puts pride and love into all she does! Leslie developed a love of food and in particular desserts early on, every good memory was attached to beautiful & delicious food. Childhood memories include checking out all the cookbooks from the library and writing down all the dessert and candy making recipes to try out. Art was a huge influence on her life as well and always had a hand in some sort of medium be it clay, paint or some other textile. So it only made sense to combine the two loves eventually! Her background in working for a local bakery, The Lollicake Queen, working as their head baker making delicious lollicakes for Sarasota and learning what it meant to be a girl boss. Then became a stay at home mom for a bit, but always had something baking up in the kitchen. It wasn't until working a part-time retail job a few years later and baking for their bake sales that she got the confidence (thanks to co-workers prompts) to try and sell creations. The rest is history and hard work!!

25% OFF Dozen Rainbow Macaron Box & Vegan Rainbow Funfetti Classic Cake-pops. Use code: "TASTEOFPRIDE"

🌈Rainbow Items:

  • Macarons

  • Cake-pops

  • Meringues

Directions & Contact: Petals & Sugar 941-224-8286 Facebook Instagram Website


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